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If your desired career or role needs you to have a clear understanding and strong ability to solve problems involving levers, pulleys, gears, springs, tools and workshop arithmetic with speed and accuracy then our ‘Mechanical Reasoning’ eBook is ideal for you.

As with all other aptitude tests speed and accuracy are essential to your success as you only have 15 minutes to answer 20 questions. Our practice tests have been designed to include a sample of each type of question to give you the broadest knowledge base. They provide practice for you straightforward mechanical and physical concepts (e.g. friction, gravity, velocity etc.) using:

• Levers and pulleys
• Gears and springs
• Simple electrical circuits
• Tool recognition
• ‘Shop’ arithmetic

Our 78-page eBook gives you a total of 8 practice tests with 128 specialist questions, four on ‘Mechanical Reasoning’ and four on ‘Fault Diagnosis’. There are over fifteen pages of explanation and description on what you need to know to perform these tests at the highest level.

These tests on the day will have specific industry related questions and scenarios, which you will need to familiarize yourself with. For example, those applying to enter the fire service will answer firefighter related questions. Our tests give you the opportunity to practice and improve your speed and accuracy maximizing your score.

By achieving the best test score you illustrate to an employer that you have an exceptional understanding of mechanical operating systems and functions, therefore ideal for the job.

Mechanical reasoning tests are tests that basically measure your knowledge of physical and mechanical concepts, though they do so in a fashion that definitely requires you to know specific answers to questions before you can hope to get a satisfactory score. Mechanical Reasoning tests differ from an abstract reasoning test, for example, due to the fact that someone CAN conceivably walk in and take an abstract reasoning test and score relatively well without studying (though studying always helps). With a mechanical reasoning test, however, you are going to be asked questions involving real, relevant facts, figures, formulas, etc. These are NOT questions that you can think through on your own if you have not prepared yourself for them!

That is where this ebook comes in. In this ebook, you will find out exactly what to expect on a mechanical reasoning test, how to study for it, and how to get a winning score that can translate to a better job or position. Some jobs absolutely require all applicants to take a mechanical reasoning test, and will only consider awarding the job to applicants who have scored a certain amount. If you are not in this top-percentile, than you will be completely limited in your ability to move up to the position that you have been trying to get… which is EXACTLY why buying this ebook will be one of the absolute BEST steps that you ever take for your technical career!

How Will This Ebook Help To Prepare Me For The Test?
In this ebook, you will gain the knowledge necessary to study for, prepare for, and pass a mechanical reasoning test with flying colors! Here are just a few of the topics that you will learn about within the pages of this ebook…

• Pulleys
• Levers
• Gears
• Simple Electrical Circuits
• Springs
• Shop Arithmetic
• Tools

You will also get access to 4 high quality mechanical reasoning tests for practice, as well as 4 fault diagnosis tests that will help to further prepare you for the real thing. But that isn’t all! Preparation and practice is half of the battle, but our ebook also lets you in on a few secrets that will give you a ‘competitive edge’ when the time comes to enter the testing room. Some of these topics include…

• Motivation
• Assembling Your Practice Environment
• Managing Your Stress Level
• How To Not Only Pass Your Test, But Also Get BETTER Test Scores Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Would you ever walk into a finals test at school without studying? Probably not… at least, not if you wanted to pass! With the mechanical reasoning test, you are actually facing a very similar challenge. You may be able to score well on it if you are current on all of the material and remember everything that you learned in school… but if it has been a couple of years (or more) since you have been in school, you have likely forgotten a LOT of the information that you will need in order to pass!

Don’t make the mistake of approaching this test without studying! With our easy ebook study guide, you will be able to not only prepare completely for anything that this test may throw at you, but also gain the confidence needed to keep you from psyching yourself out beforehand. This test could lead you to bigger things in life. It could mean a new position, a new job, and even better money. It could be a stepping stone to much bigger things… but it will all be for nothing if you don’t pass!

That is exactly why we have put together this dynamic ebook. With our study guide, you will learn EVERYTHING that you need to know. Stop wondering whether or not you have what it takes… and gain the peace of mind that you deserve with this ebook today!





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These eBooks are only available from this website. Payment is by credit card, enabling you to download them without delay.

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