Psychometric Test Providers

Employee Assessment
Feature assessment tools which provides clients with the capability to assess the psychometric skills of employees

IQ Tests
Check out our range of PhD certified IQ tests. We also have loads of other fun tests that you would love.

Academy (HR Services) Group Limited
Academy are independent assessment specialists providing the widest range of products and services to all sectors of the recruitment industry.

Aptitude Tests Online
Aptitude Tests Online gives you access to numerical, verbal and diagrammatic aptitude tests, CV and Cover Letter advice, general career advice, tips to remember at interviews. features more than 400 practice aptitude test questions and answers.

Assessment Partners Ltd

Assessment Partners provide a powerful portfolio of modern, scientifically based, job matching employee assessment products of superior quality and value

Beaumont Wood Ltd
State of the art, business oriented, online assessments. Easy administration, immediate reports. Industry leading validity & reliability. 45,000 clients worldwide - new to the UK!

Belbin Associates
The Official Home of BELBIN(r) TEAM ROLES. Offering up-to-date Testing, Accreditation and Training materials, including Online Team Role Analysis and Reports

Business Minds
Occupational Psychology Consultancy. Services include: emotional intelligence assessment and development, psychometrics and assessment and development centres

ClickATest Ltd
The ClickATest suite of skills and psychometric assessments is designed to create a managerial aid to recruiting, selecting, training, career planning and team management.

Consulting Tools Limited
Provider and developer of HR solutions for Individuals, Teams and Organisations in the areas of; 360-degree feedback, Personality Assessments, Surveys and on-line development solutions.

Criterion Partnership
Publisher of psychometric tests, online assessments and self-development materials. Providers of consultancy in occupational psychology, specialising in assessment, development, corporate communications and HR strategy.

Cubiks is a specialist HR consultancy that combines exceptional consulting expertise with an advanced portfolio of online products in the areas of personnel selection, development, performance management and retention.

ERAS offers a range of services, including Psychometric Products, Level A & B Training, Development Services, Recruitment Consultancy and tailoured training courses

Online skills testing and validation. Across any industry and tailored to the client company.

Hallmark Consultancy Services
Increase staff retention and motivation and improve recruitment success using our Behavioural profiling and aptitude test software. Free software trial available from website.

Human Qualities
An occupational psychology consultants specialising in assessment and development centres, leadership development, coaching, teambuilding, individual assessments, psychometric tests and 360 degree feedback.

ISV Software Ltd
Interactive skills and knowledge testing and training product for your candidates and clients. Customise this product to support your professional image and win business.

Kenexa Prove It!
Eliminate the Guesswork: Build for Success! Identify talented candidates with over 500 validated assessments: clerical, software, call centre, industrial, healthcare, financial, and technical job classifications.

Knight Chapman Psychological Ltd
Chartered Psychologists and psychometric test publishers offering a full range of testing and consultancy services with client-centred solutions.

MCS (GB) Ltd
P3 is a state-of-the-art personnel assessment technology with unrivalled accuracy, power and ease-of-use.

Morrisby Organisation
Products and services aimed at development of the individual. Assessment materials.

MTa International
Purpose designed assessment tolls for career development workshops, assessment centres and recruitment and selection

Occupational Performance Limited

Products, Services and Systems for Appraising & Developing Your People including ability, skills and personality profiles, customer relationship training, management development and team building.

Omni HR Solution (UK)
Harrison Assessments, designed specifically to match people with positions, is more accurate than an assessment centre at a fraction of the cost.

Find out what an employer could be reading about you in just a few minutes at PeopleMaps. Try it for FREE.

Suppliers of a wide range of psychometric tests of personality, interests, values and abilities for conventional (paper & pencil), computer or on-line administration.

Psytech Ltd

Professional programming skills in psychomotor and psychometric testing software, aptitude tests and bespoke solutions to occupational psychologists for character assessment and human resource applications.

Quest Partnership Ltd

Quest's core business is professional support and partnership with all areas of psychometrics - they are leading chartered business psychologists

Question Mark Computing Limited
Software for creating, delivering and reporting on assessments

Provider of software skills tests, call centre simulation tests and competency assessments

Sales Team Focus Ltd
Sales-specific personality profile with in-built 'anti-faking' to minimise invalid results due to candidates 'over-selling' themselves - a common problem in the sales arena.

Selby & Mills Limited
We pride ourselves on implementing assessment solutions using the latest of psychological and computer technology.

Skills Alliance Testing
Web-based testing and candidate filtering system. Testing, grading and pre-screening every candidate that applies. Unlimited tests and candidates for one monthly subscription rate.

Skillsarena Ltd
Skillsarena provide on-line testing covering a range of skills from Microsoft Office and Secretarial/Clerical skills through to Call Centre Skills, Numeracy and Literacy.

SPQ*GOLD Sales Profiling from Paul Waters Assoc
SPQ*GOLD is specific to salespeople. It accurately measures an individual's 'selling reluctances', predicting how much they will produce, how quickly and at what cost.

Team Focus
Team Focus are Business Psychologists. We assess people's capabilities and develop them through team events and executive coaching. We publish on-line psychometrics called Profiling for Success.

Thomas International
Managerial aid to recruiting, selection, training, counseling, career planning, team bonding and team management.

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