Verbal Aptitude Tests - Frequently Asked Questions

In almost every job field it is important to know your potential employees understanding and comprehension level. You can use verbal aptitude test to measure their competency level and gain an important insight to how well they can perform the duties of the job you want to fill. Adding verbal aptitude testing to an applicant’s work history and resume will give you a well-rounded reference resource of the candidate’s performance abilities. In almost every field, it is important to be able to effectively communicate using proper spelling and grammar.

What are verbal aptitude tests?
Verbal aptitude tests are exams that are designed to evaluate a test takers level of understanding as well as comprehension abilities. These tests use grammatical questions, spelling, terms and definitions, and reading passages and answering questions to evaluate a person’s aptitude level. Grammatical questions can be included in a few different types of ways. The first way is to write a sentence four different ways changing the placement and usage of commas, semicolons, uppercase and lower case letters, and punctuation. The test taker must then choose the sentence using the correct form of grammar. Another way to test for this is to use four completely different sentences and have the test taker to choose the sentence that is grammatically correct. Spelling is tested in a similar manner. Either four or five different words are presented with only one word correctly spelled. It can also be evaluated by using one word with multiple incorrect ways of spelling it, leaving only one word spelled correctly. Terms and definitions are presented to the test taker by using a word, that is in bold or underlined, in a sentence and asking the test taker to either give the definition of the word or to choose a synonym or antonym of the outline term. Comprehension is often measured by having a person read a passage or series of passages that may be one or multiple paragraphs long. After the person reads the selection they are then asked to answer several questions that were answered in the passage above. These tests are often timed leaving a limited amount of time for the test taker to complete each question, with the standard being one minute per question.

When should verbal aptitude tests be used?

A verbal aptitude test should be given when an employer needs to gain some knowledge about the level of understanding and comprehension that a potential employee has, prior to hiring them. It can save a lot of time during the pre-screening process of an applicant if this exam is included in the application process. This exam can also be used after an interview to help narrow the pool down. If you are trying to decide between the final few applicants, this test can play a vital role in your decision making process. This test can be an important decision making tool because it lets the hiring manager or employer know if the candidate will be able to handle the job duties that he or she will be expected to perform.

Verbal aptitude tests have gained popularity over the past years. Major corporate firms and universities are now including them into their application process. This valuable tool is being used as an extra reference resource to help decide if a candidate is able to perform the duties that they are applying for. Verbal aptitude tests can give valuable and time saving insight as to the level of understanding and comprehension that a candidate has. The more you can learn about a person before you hire them the better off you are.

What are verbal ability tests?
Verbal ability tests are designed to measure your ability to understand concepts framed in words, your ability to find commonalities among different concepts and to manipulate ideas on an abstract level. They assess both your knowledge of English and your reasoning ability.

What are verbal aptitude tests?
Verbal aptitude tests evaluate your ability to spell words accurately, use correct grammar, understand word meanings, understand word relationships and analyze detailed written information.

What are verbal reasoning tests?
They are designed to test your ability to take a series of facts expressed in words and to understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem.

What are verbal analogy questions?
The purpose of verbal analogy tests is to assess your verbal reasoning ability. They concentrate on relationships, specifically the relationship of one word to another and therefore of one idea to another.

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