Psychometric Tests - Frequently Asked Questions

Psychometric testing is a series of assessments and questionnaires that are used to measure a person’s ability, personality, interest, and aptitude. These tests should be objective, which makes them so effective. Psychometric tests do not depend on a person using their judgment or bias to score another person. A proper test should have three requirements. It must be standardized. Standardization means that the test is consistent. The test needs to be consistent as possible for the test results to be accurate. The test needs to be administered the same way and scored the same way. It is also important to keep the conditions as similar as possible when administering the test. The second requirement is that the test needs to be reliable. The outcome of the test should be consistent or the test is not accurate. If outside factors persuade the results of the test then the test is not reliable. The last requirement is that it is a valid test, meaning that it assesses what it supposed to assess and not test for something differently.

When are psychometric tests used?
Psychometric tests are used when you need an objective assessment of a person’s personality, aptitude, and interest. A great time to give a psychometric test is during the job selection process. These tests may be giving during the application section as a way of screening candidates for interviews. Determining someone’s motivation, values, and reactions to their environments can be a handy tool when evaluating a candidate. By reviewing the results of the test, you will be able to objectively determine the type of person that you may potentially hire, as far as ability, personality, and interests.

What are the types of psychometric tests?
Personality, ability/aptitude, and interest test are the most common tests that are given.
Personality tests assess characteristic traits. This test does not have right or wrong answers, but it can be used to improve certain areas. Personality tests are usually given in the format of asking a question and offering two answers to choose from. These tests tend to ask you if you would rather do one thing or another.
Ability and aptitude tests are used to measure current or potential performance. These tests are scored based off of how a person reacts to a situation. Ability and aptitude tests are often timed. The most commonly used aptitude and ability tests are: Numerical, clerical, verbal, spatial, mechanical, and abstract reasoning. Numerical exams often evaluate a person’s ability with numbers and with mathematics. This exam uses tables, graphs, and mathematic equations to test a person. Clerical aptitude exams assess a person on their speed and accuracy. This test can be crucial to someone dealing in finances. Verbal assessment will allow an employer to measure the level that an applicant can understand and comprehend. Spatial aptitude evaluates how well a person can mentally flip a two or three dimensional object. Mechanical aptitude measures how mechanically inclined a person is. Abstract reasoning determines how well a person can analyze and interpret data trends and patterns.
Interest tests are used to determine a person’s values and motivation. Interest test can also be used to determine someone’s opinions. These tests are usually administered online.

Should employers use psychometric tests in their screening process?
Since personalities, abilities, and interests are tests included in psychometric testing, it is a smart decision for anyone that is in the hiring role to include these into your pre-interview screening process and also the pre-employment screening process. All career fields could benefit from learning more about the applicant. These tests will allow for employers to have a better understanding of the team they are building and can cause you to be able to make a team that is well rounded in every area. As an employer or hiring manager, you can use this test to help you fix an weaknesses that your current team may have by hiring someone how has a strength that your team is missing.

What are psychometric tests?
Psychometric tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of your mental ability or your personality. They are used to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion.

What are job aptitude tests?
Job aptitude tests aim to provide a potential employer with an insight into how well you work with other people, how well you handle stress, and whether you will be able to cope with the intellectual demands of the job.

What are recruitment and selection tests?
If you are currently applying for a job then the chances are that you will need to sit a recruitment and selection test as part of the process.

What are employee selection tests?
Employee selection tests provide a potential employer with an insight into whether you will be able to cope with the demands of the job.

Why do employers use psychometric assessment?
Psychometric assessment can be applied to screen-out candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job or to provide guidance on career progression to existing employees.

Can psychometric test examples help me?
If you are wondering whether practicing for aptitude tests will help, the answer is a very definite ‘yes’. Now, you may have heard that it is very difficult to significantly improve your scores on these tests. This view is debatable, but even if it were true you do not need to achieve a significant improvement – a marginal one will do!

Can I prepare for psychometric tests?
Everyone, if they practice, can improve their test scores. The biggest gains are achieved quite quickly and result from becoming familiar with the types of question and from getting ‘into the groove’ of answering them.

Can I prepare for aptitude tests?
You can influence your scores in these tests significantly by understanding the question types and practicing them.

Can I prepare for personality questionnaires?
The only sensible way to prepare for personality questionnaires to learn enough about how personality tests work to make an informed decision about which approach to take.

Where can I download free psychometric tests?
If you are going to take a psychometric test, aptitude test or ability test as part of the recruitment process then you should download free psychometric tests from this website and work through them before you do the real thing.

What is a cognitive ability test?
Cognitive ability is a generic term describing the process of information processing (perception, conceptualization, problem solving, etc.); the term is frequently used in psychological assessment as a synonym for intelligence.

What are verbal ability tests?
Verbal ability tests are designed to measure your ability to understand concepts framed in words, your ability to find commonalities among different concepts and to manipulate ideas on an abstract level. They assess both your knowledge of English and your reasoning ability.

What are verbal aptitude tests?
Verbal aptitude tests evaluate your ability to spell words accurately, use correct grammar, understand word meanings, understand word relationships and analyze detailed written information.

What are verbal reasoning tests?
They are designed to test your ability to take a series of facts expressed in words and to understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem.

What are verbal analogy questions?
The purpose of verbal analogy tests is to assess your verbal reasoning ability. They concentrate on relationships, specifically the relationship of one word to another and therefore of one idea to another.

What are numerical ability tests?
Numerical ability tests are used by employers to measure your ability to perform tasks involving numbers. The questions range from simple arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction to more complex questions where you need to interpret numerical information presented as tables, diagrams, and graphs.

What are numerical aptitude tests?
Numerical aptitude tests are administered under exam conditions and strictly timed, a typical test might allow 30-40 minutes for 30-40 questions.

What are numerical reasoning tests?
Numerical reasoning tests represent a particular type of numerical ability or aptitude test.

What are numerical series tests?
Numerical series tests are a type of numerical aptitude test which require you to find the missing number in a sequence. This missing number may be at the beginning or middle but is usually at the end.

What are numeric reasoning tests?
If you are going to sit an aptitude test as part of the job selection process then it will almost certainly include a numeric reasoning test.

What are numerical reasoning ability tests?
Numerical reasoning ability tests assess your ability to use numbers in a logical and rational way. The questions require only a basic level of education in order to successfully complete and are therefore measuring numerical reasoning ability rather than educational achievement.

What are abstract reasoning tests?
Abstract reasoning tests show a series of figures arranged in a pattern or sequence and you are required to identify the missing figure or the next in the sequence.

What are diagrammatic reasoning tests?
Diagrammatic reasoning tests are closely related to abstract reasoning tests. They are used to select information technology specialists who need to work through complex abstract problems in an analytical way.

What are spatial ability tests?
Spatial ability is required in production, technical and design jobs where plans and drawings are used, for example; engineering, architecture, surveying and design.

What is a spatial aptitude test?
A spatial aptitude test measures your ability to manipulate shapes in two dimensions or to visualize three-dimensional objects presented as two-dimensional pictures.

What are mechanical reasoning tests?
Mechanical reasoning tests measure your knowledge of straightforward mechanical and physical concepts.

What are mechanical comprehension tests?
Modern mechanical comprehension tests often include fault diagnosis questions which are used to select personnel for technical roles where they need to be able to find and repair faults in electronic control systems.

What are fault diagnosis tests?
Fault Diagnosis tests are used to select personnel for technical roles who need to be able to find and repair faults in electronic control systems.

What are clerical aptitude tests?
Clerical aptitude tests are designed to identify candidates who can work quickly and accurately in administrative roles.

What are technical aptitude tests?
Technical aptitude tests are designed to identify suitable candidates for technical roles within the emergency services and military as well as for craft and engineering jobs.

What are data checking tests?
Data Checking tests present you with a various items of information which must be checked against each other. These tests are used to select candidates for clerical and data input jobs, particularly where accuracy is important.

What are concentration tests?
Concentration tests are used to select personnel who need to work through items of information in a systematic way while making very few mistakes.

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