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In certain job fields it is important to evaluate how a person works with numbers and calculations. You may have a candidate that seems perfect for the job, only to later realize that they are lacking the mathematic skills needed to perform the job. An easy way to learn this information prior to hiring them and investing valuable time in them is to give a numerical aptitude test. If you want to choose the best person to fill your open position, save yourself some time and trouble and give them an aptitude test. This test will give you valuable insight on how they will handle numbers and calculations.

What are numerical reasoning tests?
Numerical reasoning aptitude tests are exams used to determine a person’s arithmetical skills. These tests are developed to predict how a person or an employee will be able to perform, where numbers are concerned. These test results will be a good indicator if someone has the abilities to interpret graphs, tables, and solve calculations. Some questions asked on this test will refer to the test takers ability to look at a table or graph and then be able to quickly interpret it to solve problems. Other questions will involve using math and algebra skills to solve calculations. Fractions, percentages, ratios are also included in these assessments. There is a time limit on these tests, leaving about one minute per question. The test time constraints are mean to add pressure to the test taker. Numerical reasoning tests are designed for the test taker to use only pencil and paper to complete the test and typically calculators are not allowed. Depending on the test, calculators can be permitted. These tests may be administered in person on paper or they can also be given online.

Why are numerical test given?
In some career fields it is of the upmost importance to know that a potential employee has the numerical skills and abilities that they say they have. In some fields such as, architecture or accounting, being off on even one calculation can be extremely costly and can even be dangerous. By having an understanding of your potential employee’s competency level you will know if the candidate is the right person for the job and you will also learn how well they will be able to perform the duties of the job as far as numbers are concerned.

What are career fields that numerical testing could be used?
Today, as many career fields may use some degree of mathematics and numbers, some careers may depend on it. While it can be a good idea to include this type of testing to every applicant, some career paths are better suited for testing than others. Prime careers for numerical testing are accountants, billing, engineers, architects, bank managers, bank tellers, lenders, military personnel, sales, and marketing professionals. Even cashier positions are now including these numerical reasoning tests into their application process.

What employers should use numerical testing?
Employers and hiring managers in a financial setting should definitely use this to assess the ability and aptitude of all of their employment candidates. If you work with numbers all day every day, but hire someone who is mathematically challenged, you may have a problem on your hands. It is your job to make sure you hire someone who can get the job done. The more information you have about each candidate will allow you to choose someone who is qualified for the position you are hiring for.

As an employer, it is your job to choose the best person to fill every position. Whether your position deals strictly with numbers on a daily basis, such as accounting, or if your position deals with numbers less frequently, it is always a good idea to find out exactly what the aptitude level is of any potential employee you have is. You will be able to use the results of the numerical aptitude test to learn the exact ability that each of your candidates has. Although some fields may be a better candidate for testing, it is not a bad idea to test all fields because you can gain a very important insight into their competency level.

What are numerical ability tests?
Numerical ability tests are used by employers to measure your ability to perform tasks involving numbers. The questions range from simple arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction to more complex questions where you need to interpret numerical information presented as tables, diagrams, and graphs.

What are numerical aptitude tests?
Numerical aptitude tests are administered under exam conditions and strictly timed, a typical test might allow 30-40 minutes for 30-40 questions.

What are numerical reasoning tests?
Numerical reasoning tests represent a particular type of numerical ability or aptitude test.

What are numerical series tests?
Numerical series tests are a type of numerical aptitude test which require you to find the missing number in a sequence. This missing number may be at the beginning or middle but is usually at the end.

What are numeric reasoning tests?
If you are going to sit an aptitude test as part of the job selection process then it will almost certainly include a numeric reasoning test.

What are numerical reasoning ability tests?
Numerical reasoning ability tests assess your ability to use numbers in a logical and rational way. The questions require only a basic level of education in order to successfully complete and are therefore measuring numerical reasoning ability rather than educational achievement.

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