Sample Spelling Questions

Sample spelling questions where you have to identify incorrectly spelt words are common in all levels of  verbal ability tests. The test designer needs to choose commonly misspelled words which are in regular use, as it would be unfair to use obscure words which only a small percentage of candidates could be expected to know. This means that the test designer has a relatively restricted list of words to choose from and you will find that the same words tend to appear in many different suppliers tests.


Sample Spelling Questions

1) A B C D
missile missile missile missile


2) A B C D
undoubtedley undoubtedley undoubtedley undoubtedley


3) A B C D
severly severeley severely severley


4) A B C D
permisible permissible permissable permisable


5) A B C D
occasionially occasionally occationally occasionaly


7) A B C D
easiley easely easaly easily


8) A B C D
committee comittee commitee comitee


9) A B C D
amater amateur amatueur amatuer


10) A B C D
waether whaether wether weather


11) A B C D
likely likley likelly likeley


12) A B C D
impliment implament implement implemment


13) A B C D
cemetery cemetary cemmetery cemettery


14) A B C D
miselaneous misellaneous miscelaneous miscellaneous


15) A B C D
suficient sufficient suffisient sufficeint


16) A B C D
recieve recceive receive resieve


17) A B C D
opportunity opporttunity oportunity opportunety


18) A B C D
necessety neccessity necessity necesety


19) A B C D
collectible collectabel collecteble colectable


20) A B C D
defendent defendant deffendant deffendent


Answer to sample spelling questions.

Please note that many test suppliers frame their spelling questions in a different way to those in this practice test. For example:

Choose the pair of words that best completes the sentence.

The -------- of the timetable caused some ----------.

A) rivision       B) revision C) revission D) revition
A) inconvenience B) inconvenince C) inconveneince D)inconvenience


However, what is being tested here is your ability to spell these words correctly rather than anything else. Improving your performance on these spelling questions is straightforward. The free tests below contain the 300 most commonly used words for this type of test.

Work through these test papers methodically and make a note of the ones you get wrong. This will give you a list of words that you need to learn to spell correctly.

Download sample spelling questions       

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